MyroC  MyroC.3.1b
C-based infrastructure for controlng Scribbler 2 robots
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Data Fields
Picture Struct Reference

Struct for a picture object. More...

#include <MyroC.h>

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Data Fields

int height
 The actual height of the image, but no more than 266.
int width
 The actual width of the image, but no more than 427.
Pixel pix_array [266][427]
 The array of pixels comprising the image.

Detailed Description

Struct for a picture object.

images from robot cameras have varying sizes, depending on the Fluke
pix_array is sufficiently large to accommodate any Fluke version
images for the original Fluke are 192 (height) by 256 (width)
low-resolution images for the Fluke 2 are 266 by 427
high-resolution images (e.g., 800 by 1280) are not practical, due to memory constraints and thus are not available in MyroC
user-defined images may have any size, as long as height <= 266 and width <= 427
Following standard mathematical convention for a 2D matrix, all references to a pixel are given within an array as [row][col]
The Picture struct is defined to be sufficiently large to store several low-resolution camera images (340756 bytes each) Experimentally, an array of up to 94 (not 95) Pictures is allowed However, the display of images requires that image data be copied, so display of many images may not work If a program hangs when working with Picture variables, the issue may involve lack of space on the runtime stack. To utilize a modest number of Pictures, use "ulimit -s" command, as needed, in a terminal window For example, ulimit -s 32768 Sizes above 32768 may not be allowed in Linux or Mac OS X

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