An Introduction to Sockets in C
Through Annotated Examples

The document, An Introduction to Sockets Through Annotated Examples by Peter Broadwell, is designed to introduce some elementary concepts of sockets in C clearly and efficiently. While different capabilities and procedures are available in different versions of Unix, the approach followed here introduces the client-server model with both streaming sockets and datagram sockets.

The document was written by Peter Broadwell under the guidance of Henry Walker as part of an independent reading and programming project during the Spring, 1999. While Walker hopes he provided some direction and structure for the project, Peter Broadwell wrote all programs and commentary. (Walker only supplied suggestions, feedback, and/or meddling.)

An Introduction to Sockets in C Through Annotated Examples is available in three forms:

In addition, all programs and sample runs are available through the World Wide Web directory or from file server at directory ~walker/c/sockets .

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created July 25, 1999
last revised April 24, 2001