CSCI 134 Williams College Fall 2017
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CSCI 134:
Algorithmic Problem Solving with Robots
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Note: Although this course is well developed,
expect adjustments in some details as the semester progresses and the course evolves.

Welcome to the home page for CSCI 134D, Algorithmic Problem Solving with Robots!

This course follows a lab-based format, meeting in the Schow Science Library Laboratory SSL 027 every day:

This course has NO prerequisites! Although the course moves along as a moderate and steady pace, the course is self contained and does not assume any background with computing. Talk to the instructor whenever you encounter obstancles or challenges that seem to require special background or insight!

Students with substantial background in computing (e.g., students who have taken IB Computer Science or AP Computer Science A) should talk to the instructor about taking a later course rather than this introductory course.

Materials for this course have been extensively revised over the past academic year. Please browse the syllabus, course details, schedule, and other elements of this course site for course details.

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