The accompanying table indicates assignments and due dates for Computer Science 152 and are subject to the following notes.

Due Date Collaboration Chapter Problems
February 1 Yes (Project) Problem 1 (below)
February 9 No Session J4 Any 2 "Post-Laboratory Problems" from Lab J4
Due Date Collaboration Chapter Problems

Additional Exercises

  1. Project -- Draft Specifications: In class, we outlined some features that might be useful in a program or package that would allow students to test their Scheme programs and to submit their programs to their instructor.

    Working individually or in groups of 2 or 3, write a detailed list of desired features for such a program.

    These specifications should be written from the users' perspective. Some questions to address are:

    • What should a user do to run the program (either in a terminal window or on the Web, if desired)?
    • What information should a user supply for each feature, and what information should be returned by the program?
    • How are test cases entered into the system, and to what extent are the test cases secret?
    • In testing by the package, what constitutes a correct solution (e.g., should the format of the output matter, should labeling of output matter, should the order of answers matter, etc.)?
    • Suppose a program goes into an infinite loop during its execution of a test case. How should this be detected, and how should the user be notified? (Note: Computer Science theory indicates that it is impossible to detect all infinite loops, so detection might require a time-out feature, or the testing program might just loop forever.)
    • For testing, how should results of the automated test cases be reported?
    • How should Scheme programs be submitted to the instructor by the user?
    • Presumeably, the instructor would see both the program and the results of the testing. Should other cases be allowed?

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