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Imperative Problem Solving with Lab
CSC 161.01 Grinnell College Fall 2019
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CSC 161.01:
Imperative Problem Solving with Lab
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The Role of Tutors For Computer Science 161

The Department of Computer Science, in cooperation with Information Technology Services and the Math Lab, provides tutors to help CSC 151 and CSC 161 students with computing problems. However, in CS 161, the role of tutors is limited on some assignments, as discussed below.

Help Allowed on All CSC 161 Assignments

For any assignment (e.g., laboratory exercise, project, or supplemental problem), a tutor is allowed to provide help to:

  1. explain the operation of workstations,
  2. discuss the workings of the text editors,
  3. interpret error messages,
  4. clarify the format and meaning of C programming statements, and
  5. explain the syntax, semantics, and workings of procedures in standard C libraries and in the MyroC library..

Of course, following the rules for academic honesty that apply to all academic work at Grinnell College, help obtained from any source must be cited in all assignments).

Help Allowed Laboratory Exercises and Projects in CSC 161

In addition, groups working on collaborative projects (e.g., laboratory exercises and projects) may ask tutors for the following:

  1. help in locating arithmetic or logic errors,
  2. help in finding infinite loops,
  3. background information related to an assignment,
  4. ideas on how to approach the problem, and
  5. insights regarding difficulties with proposed solutions and programs.

In short, groups may ask tutors for assistance on any aspect of a laboratory exercise or project, but of course, all help obtained from any source must be cited.

Additional Help NOT Allowed on Supplemental Problems and Test Revisions in CSC 161

Under no circumstances should a tutor be asked how to approach a problem or how to write a substantial piece of code related to any supplement problem or test-revision problem. As a general rule, a section of code that is four or more lines long -- perhaps even less when the logic is particularly complex -- will be considered substantial. Help from tutors is not intended to replace the assistance available from the instructor at regularly scheduled class periods or office hours. Therefore, the tutors may answer only short questions which have short answers.

Note: In accordance with Grinnell College regulations, all evidence of collaboration on supplemental problems or test revisions must be submitted to the Committee on Academic Standing for actions, and several cases have been heard by that Committee in the past. (More information on academic honesty and on procedures for handling suspected academic dishonesty may be found in the Student Handbook.)