CSC 213:  Operation Systems and Parallel Algorithms


The accompanying table indicates assignments and due dates for Computer Science 213 and are subject to the following notes.

Due Date Collaboration
Chapter Problems
Fri., Sept. 3
Lab. Exercise 1
Fri., Sept. 10
2 Lab. Exercise 2, Part A
Mon., Sept. 13
2 Lab. Exercise 2, Part B
Fri., Sept. 17
Yes (Required)
5 Lab. Exercise 3
Tues., Sept. 28
6 Lab. Exercise 4
Fri., Oct. 1
7 Lab. Exercise 5, Part A
Mon., Oct. 4
7 Lab. Exercise 5, Part B
Mon., Oct. 11
8 Lab. Exercise 6
Fri., Oct. 15
9 Lab. Exercise 7, Parts A and B
Tues., Oct. 26
9 Lab. Exercise 7, Part C
Fri., Oct. 29
9 Lab. Exercise 8
Fri., Nov. 5
Yes (Required)
10-11 Lab. Exercise 9, Part A
Mon., Nov. 8
Yes (Required)
12-13 Lab. Exercise 9, Part B
Fri., Nov. 19
-- Lab. Exercise 10
Tues., Nov. 30
Yes (Required)
-- Lab. Exercise 11
Tues., Dec. 7
-- Algorithms in code or pseudocode for each process within Lab. Exercise 12
Fri., Dec. 10
-- Lab. Exercise 12

Submitting Programs For This Course: In turning in any programs for the course, please follow these directions:

  1. The first six lines of any C program should be comments containing your name, your mailbox number, your lab section, and an identification of assignment being solved. For example:
         * Henry M. Walker                    *
         * Box Science II                     *
         * Laboratory Section 213L.04         *
         * Assignment for Friday, September 1 *
    Also, a comment is needed for every definition of a C function, stating in English what that program unit is supposed to do.

  2. Obtain a listing of your program and a record of relevant test runs using the script command:

  3. Either write on your printout or include a separate statement that argues why your program is correct, based upon the evidence from your test runs.
Some Grading Notes:

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