Discussion Questions for CSC 223.02, Spring 2002

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Throughout this semester, readings are assigned from two texts:

Rather than repeating this same material in lecture, much class time will be devoted to clarifying topics covered in readings, tieing topics together, and expanding ideas introduced in the texts. Toward this end, students must read assigned materials before class and formulate two discussion questions. Some appropriate types of questions are:

Thus, questions should seek to clarify points of confusion or to expand ideas just introduced briefly. For the most part, simple factual questions should be avoided (unless the facts are in dispute). The instructor will assume that students have a clear understanding of topics not covered in questions, and students should be prepared to contribute to class discussions on all areas not asked.


During the semester, the Tentative Class Schedule (available in .dvi , postscript and pdf formats.) specifies reading assignments for 17 class sessions. Students are expected to submit two discussion questions on most readings -- with a total of 30 questions expected from each student over the semester. (Additional questions may be submitted for extra credit, except that no more than 2 questions may be submitted per assigned reading.)

For bookkeeping purposes, students should submit these questions via the quiz feature of Grinnell's on-line blackboard program. Questions for a given day should be submitted no later 11:00 pm the previous day. This will give the instructor time to review questions prior to a class.

Discussion questions will be graded using a binary scale (0 or 1). Reasonable questions related to the reading will earn 1 point. Trivial questions or questions unrelated to the material at hand will receive 0 points.

Submitted Discussion Questions

For most days, discussion questions will be posted through links below.

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