Artificial Intelligence


The following table indicates assignments and due dates for Computer Science 261. Unless otherwise indicated,

Due Date Chapter Collaboration? Problems
Wed., Jan. 28 2 No 2.3, 2.4
Fri., Feb. 6 3 Yes 3.2, 3.7
Wed., Feb. 11 Resolution Handout Yes 3, 4
Mon., Feb. 16 Resolution Handout Yes 5, 6, 7
Mon., Mar. 2 Project on Proof No Draft Version
Wed., Mar. 4 Project on Proof No Final Version
Fri., April 24 Project on Physical Training Yes Group Preliminaries
Mon., May 4 Project on Physical Training No Rule-based System

Submitting Programs For This Course: In turning in any programs for the course, please follow these directions:

  1. The first three lines of any LISP program should be comments containing your name, your mailbox number, and an identification of assignment being solved. For example:
        ;;; Henry M. Walker
        ;;; Box Y-06
        ;;; Assignment for Wednesday, January 28
    Also, a comment is needed for every procedure, stating in English what that procedure is supposed to do.

  2. Obtain a listing of your program and a record of relevant test runs using the submit command:

  3. Either write on your printout or include a separate statement that argues why your program is correct, based upon the evidence from your test runs.

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