CSC 325 Grinnell College Fall, 2008
Databases and Web Application Design

Tentative Schedule of Labs and Due Dates

This page provides a listing of labs, including relevant readings, lab instructions, and assignment options. This material also is available in calendar form (without Web links) in .dvi format / pdf format / postscript formats.

All readings and labs are under development, the class schedule is in draft form, and assignments are still under construction.

Lab Index:  September:   1, 2, 3, 4, Extra Credit 1, 5, 6
October:   7, 8, 9
November:   cvs, 10, 11, 12, Extra Credit 2
December:   13

lab # Class Period Topic Reading Lab Due Date Status
1 Wed, Sept 3 Static Web Pages Dave Raggett and the W3C, Getting Started with HTML
Marty Stepp and Jessica Miller, Web Programming, Chapter 1
lab Mon. Sept 8 Version 1.0 available
2 Mon, Sept 8 Dynamic Web Pages Welling and Thomson, Chapter 1 (first half); Class Example lab Fri, Sept 12 Version 1.0 available
3 Fri, Sept 12 Functions, Conditionals, and Iteration Welling and Thomson, Chapter 1 (second half); Class Example lab Wed, Sept 17 Version 1.1 available
4 Fri, Sept 19 PHP Arrays Welling and Thomson, Chapter 3; Class Example lab Mon. Sept 22 Version 1.0 available
Optional Strings Welling and Thomson, Chapter 4 lab Fri, Oct 3 Version 1.0 available
5 Wed, Sept 24 Database Storage and Retrieval with MySQL Welling and Thomson, Chapters 9-10 Class Example lab Mon, Sept 29 Version 1.0 available
6 Fri, Sept 26 Database Processing with PHP Welling and Thomson, Chapters 8-10 Class Examples lab Wed, Oct 1 Version 1.0 available
7 Fri, Oct 3 Joins of Tables Welling and Thomson, middle Chapter 9 Class Examples lab Wed, Oct 8 Version 1.0 available;
#11 solutions: A, B, C
8 Fri, Oct 10 Exit Inverviews, Part 1 Welling and Thomson, Chapters 9-10 lab Fri, Oct 17 Version 1.0 available
#3 solution
9 Wed, Oct 17 Code Organization and Cascading Style Sheets World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), CSS Tutorial: Starting with HTML + CSS
Dave Raggett and the W3C, Adding a touch of style,
Hakon Wium Lie and Bert Bos, Cascading Style Sheets, designing for the Web, Chapter 2, Second Edition
Class Example
lab Fri, Oct 31 Version 1.0 available
revised solution
cvs Wed, Nov 10 CVS: the Concurrent Versions System CVS documentation lab for reference only Version 1.0 available
10 Wed, Nov 5 Sessions and Cookies with PHP Welling and Thomson, Chapter 23
PHP documentation on cookies and sessions
Class Example
lab Mon, Nov 10 Version 1.0 available
11 Wed, Nov 12 Sending email with PHP Welling and Thomson, Chapter 29
Sample Programs send-email-1.php, send-email-2.php, and send-email-2-action.php (see ~walker/public_html/
courses/325.fa08/examples/ for details)
Omitted   Examples ready
Formal lab unnecessary
12 Wed, Nov 19 User Authentication Background: Welling and Thomson, Chapters 14-16
Details: Welling and Thomson, Chapter 17
Class Examples
Omitted   Examples available
Formal lab unnecessary
Extra Credit Wed, Nov 26 Encryption Welling and Thomson, pages 351-355, 419-422
Class Examples
lab Wed, Dec 3 Version 1.0 available
13 Wed, Dec 3 SQL Normal Forms Database Normalization, Wikipedia, 2008.
Yannis Ioannidis, Query Optimization, Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin, 1993 (approx.)
lab Mon, Dec 8 Not yet started

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