Iowa Undergraduate Computer Science Consortium

Meeting on March 25, 2000 at Simpson College

Time: 8:45 - 3:30 on Saturday, March 25, 2000
Location: Carver Science Hall
Simpson College, Indianola, IA

9:30Panel: Evaluating Our Programs: Self-Assessment and External Reviews
Professors Tony deLaubenfels, Cornell College, and Henry Walker, Grinnell College
10:30Panel: The College Board's Advanced Placement Curriculum in Computer Science
Professors Gary Leavens, Iowa State University, Judith Williams, William Penn College, Henry Walker, Grinnell College, and Leon Tabak, Cornell College
11:30Talk: Structured Teams in the Laboratory and on Projects
Professor Judith Williams, William Penn College
12:15Lunch Atrium of Carver Science Hall
1:15Panel: Software Testing in the Computer Science Curriculum
Professors Janet Drake, University of Northern Iowa, and Gary Leavens, Iowa State University
2:15Panel: Reports from Members: New Faculty, Facilities, Projects, and Student Achievements
moderated by Professor Leon Tabak, Cornell College
3:00Discussion: Summary, planning for future meetings, and conclusion

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