Post-meeting notes and speaker links for the

10th Annual Iowa Undergraduate Computer Science Consortium

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Date: Saturday, October 23, 2004
Location: Aliber Hall, Drake University, Des Moines, IA
Cost: $7 for lunch and expenses (morning & afternoon refreshments were covered)
Co-hosts: Drake University (David Oakland) - Logistics and Location
Graceland University (Jim Jones) - Program and Schedule

Post-meeting Announcements and Minutes

Please thank Weslie Lewis for providing the breakfast and the many Addison Wesley textbooks as examination copies for distribution. Let her know if you need something still.

     Weslie Lewis, Addison Wesley
     Phone: 800-859-1017 x7051
Please thank Andrea Reilly for providing the afternoon snack and some McGraw Hill textbooks for examination and distribution. Let her know if you need something still.
     Andrea Reilly, McGraw Hill
     Phone: 800-742-6576 x4632
Jim Jones thanks you for taking whatever CIA/NGA materials you took for distribution to your students. Larry Fairchild was a recent distinguished lecturer for Graceland CS/IT students and brought these materials. He was happy to have it distributed to other CS/Math departments in Iowa. If you have questions, feel free to contact Mr. Fairchild's contact information follows:
     Larry Fairchild
     Deputy Director, Enterprise Operations Directorate
     National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Wartburg College (Waverly, IA) will host IUCSC'05. The preliminary date has been set for Saturday, October 22, 2005. The contact person is Josef Breutzmann:
The SIGCSE task force leader, Mark Johnson (Central College), updated us on the status of their efforts to make us an Iowa ACM SIGCSE Chapter. A set of Bylaws that had been drafted was presented to the group. There appeared to be nobody willing to take on the role of SIGCSE Chairperson this year. A vote to move ahead was taken, and although nobody opposed it only 9 voted in favor and 16 abstained. It was suggested that we not act on this until next year, since we already had volunteers to host next year's meeting without the extra burden of chapter administration and that the Bylaws and other work already done would be just as useful then. A vote was taken and the overwelming majority of attendees agreed. The Bylaws documents and email for the task force leader are below. A version of the Bylaws that shows changes from ACM's template is included, but to take advantage of Word's tracked-changes features you may need to save the target file on your computer first and open it with Word.
     Bylaws Final:  IowaBylaws.doc (as presented in meeting)
     Email Contact:

IUCSC Presentations

Miriam Ubben
President, Software and Information Technology of Iowa (SITI)
Title: What is SITI and how we can benefit each other


Miriam Ubben outlined the role of SITI and explored possible relationships with Iowa's CS faculty. She encouraged us to become members, offering a deeply discounted "institutional" membership price of $200 for small schools. Institutional membership allows all CS/IT students, faculty and staff to benefit from SITI programs and services. This includes workshops, speaker programs, networking with colleagues, collaborative grants, lobbying efforts, job announcements, and the SITI newsletter. Faculty at the meeting suggested that SITI could be a clearinghouse for internship opportunities in Iowa and student projects sponsors. Miriam also said that SITI might be able to offer location and administrative support for our annual meeting if that would help us become a SIGCSE chapter. SITI has access to meeting rooms in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City.

Vasant Honavar
Iowa State University
Title: All Science is Computer Science! - Some Experiences with Bioinformatics and Computational Biology


Shashi Gadia
Iowa State University
Title: XML in Database Education


Michael Rieck
Drake University
Title: Recent directions in wireless networking- Ad hoc routing strategies using k-dominating sets


Ben Schafer, University of Northern Iowa
Title: LEGO Mindstorms(TM) : Introductory Robotics and More


Steve Strong, Washington High School
Title: Observations from teaching CS1 in three settings: High school, Small College, Large University


Robert Franks, Central College
Title: Developing Communication Skills within the CS Curriculum



There were a total of 26 faculty from 15 different schools who attended IUCSC'04 plus one non-faculty guest/presenter. A student (not listed below) assisted with setup and monitoring the publisher's exhibits.

1 Breutzmann, Josef Wartburg College
2 Chen, Xi Central College
3 deLaubenfels, Tony Cornell College
4 Farnham, Bob Graceland University
5 Franks, Robert Central College
6 Gadia, Shashi K. Iowa State University
7 Hasman, Gary Grand View College
8 Honovar, Vasant Iowa State University
9 Hostetler, Terry Coe College
10Johnson, Mark Central College
11Jones, Jim Graceland University
12Kopecky, Ken Drake University
13Lathrop, James Iowa State University
14Mitra, Simanta Iowa State University
15Monnard, Gary St. Ambrose University
16Mosiman, Steve Loras College
17Oakland, David Drake University
18Rieck, Michael Drake University
19Schafer, Ben University of Northern Iowa
20Sheller, Cate Kirkwood Community College
21Strong, Steve C.R. Washington High School
22Tavanapong, Wallapak (Pak)Iowa State University
23Tinelli, Cesare University of Iowa
24Ubben, Miriam SITI (guest/presenter)
25VanNiewaal, Calvin Coe College
26Williams, Judy William Penn College
27Zelle, John Wartburg College


Future planners may appreciate knowing the food consumption and cost. Catering with Sodexo was a requirement (at schools with Sodexo contracts), which means that costs were higher than when handled by us. If we had 30-35 in attendance, most everything would have disappeared. Given our attendance (25 attended the entire day) we could have cut back to 2 dozen muffins, a dozen fewer beverages overall (unopened juice bottles from the morning were available for afternoon break), and less coffee (the afternoon coffee was not needed). Here is what was ordered from Sodexo:

   Morning (paid by Addison Wesley)
   2 gals. regular coffee           23.90
   1 gal.  decaf coffee             11.95
   3 doz. assorted bottled juice    54.00
   3 doz. mini muffins              17.85
   2 doz. assorted mini strudel     17.90
   SUB-TOTAL                       125.60

   Afternoon: (paid by McGraw Hill)
   1 gal. coffee                    11.95 (but not delivered, nor missed)
   18 bottled waters                27.00
   18 assorted sodas                22.50
   3 doz. gourmet cookies           26.85
   SUB-TOTAL                        88.30 (but discounted to $65.85)
Some expenses were absorbed by Drake and Graceland, such as secretarial support, time, and printouts (schedule and signup sheets). We remembered to get nametags and markers as folks started to arrive.


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