Iowa Undergraduate Computer Science Consortium

Meeting on October 27, 2012 at Grinnell College

Time: 9:30 - 4:00 on Saturday, October 27, 2012
Registration begins at 9:00 with coffee, tea, pastries
Registration Fee: $18 (cash or check) includes breaks and lunch
Location: Computer Science Department
Noyce Science Center (top [third] floor), 1116 Eighth Avenue, Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA

9:00Refreshments and Registration
9:30Panel: CS0: Approaches for non-majors
Moderator: Henry Walker, Grinnell College
  • Programming environments for education (targeted to Math and Science Education students)
    • Ben Schafer, University of Northern Iowa
  • A non-majors course (with some programming) at the U. of Iowa
    • Denise Szecsei, University of Iowa
10:00 Panel: Using Media Computation at the Introductory Level
Moderator: Tony deLaubenfels, Cornell College
  • Media computation
    • Ben Schafer, University of Northern Iowa
  • Media computation
    • Jim Jones, Graceland College
  • Media scripting with functional problem solving
    • Rhys Price Jones, Grinnell College
10:45 Morning Break
11:00Panel: Approaches to Introductory Computer Science (for potential majors)
Moderator: Terry Hostetler, Coe College
  • Python with an online, interactive textbook
    • Brad Miller, Luther College
  • Running a 'flipped' CS1 class
    • Paul Craven, Simpson College
  • Robotics with imperative problem solving using a workshop-style pedagogy
    • Dilan Ustek with Henry Walker, Grinnell College
11:45 Buffet Lunch with Program
  • Luncheon Talk: Computing Curricula 2013: Strawman Report
    • Organizer: Rhys Price Jones, Grinnell College
    • The Course Exemplar Concept: Henry Walker, Grinnell College
  • Status Report: MAA Program Study Group on Computer Science and Computational Science
    • Henry Walker, Grinnell College, Group Chair
1:00 Talk: ExploreU@MMU: A 2-week summer program for middle school girls
     Speaker: Elizabeth Kleiman, Mount Mercy University
Abstract: ExploreU@MMU is a two-week program that was designed to help young girls learn math and computer science skills while having fun. The main idea was to engage students, open their eyes to math and science in the world around them, teach both ideas and skills, and ignite their interest in learning. During the program we covered a variety of math and CS topics some of which are: Scratch Programming, cryptography, platonic solids, MIRA constructions, use of Geometric Sketchpad, Fibonacci sequence, 3D Visualization and much more.
1:45 Talk: CS4HS workshops at UNI
     Speaker: Ben Schafer, University of Northern Iowa
2:15Group Discussion: Using undergraduates as mentors, lab assistants, graders, peer tutors
  • Terry, Hostetler, Coe College
  • Henry Walker, Grinnell College
2:45 Afternoon Break
3:15 Teaching Hints
Session Chair: Cate Sheller, Kirkwood Community College
  • A Nifty Assignment for Operating Systems
    • Jim Jones, Graceland College
  • Wi-Fi signal strengths to determine physical location inside a building
    • Aabristi Khadka and Danial Neebel, Loras College
3:45 Discussion: Does the group want to meet again? Where? When? Who?
4:00 Adjourn

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