Iowa Undergraduate Computer Science Consortium

Meeting on March 28, 2015 at Grinnell College

Time: 9:00 - 4:00 on Saturday, March 28, 2018
Registration begins at 8:30 with coffee, tea, pastries
Registration Fee: $19 (cash or check) includes breaks and lunch
Location: Computer Science Department
Noyce Science Center (top [third] floor), 1116 Eighth Avenue, Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA
Directions: (from East or West take I-80; from North or South take IA-146):
  • From I-80: Take Exit 182, and turn north into Grinnell on Route 146
  • After entering the town from the south on Route IA-146
    • Cross a railroad track (about 3 miles from I-80)
    • Continue through 3 traffic lights after the tracks (the third light is US 6)
    • Continue north on Route IA-146 to Eighth Avenue (US 6 is Sixth Avenue)
  • Turn right (east) onto Eighth Avenue
  • On Eighth Avenue
    • Cross Main, Broad, and Park Streets to reach the edge of the campus
    • Continue on Eighth Avenue to the Noyce Science Center (a large brick and glass building on the right, next to another railroad crossing)
    • Park in the lot just across the railroad tracks on the right
  • From the parking lot, walk along Eighth Avenue to either entrance to the building, on the south side the street.
  • After entering the building,
    • Turn left or right onto the corridor paralleling Eighth Avenue to a stairway, and take the stairs to the third floor), OR
    • Turn left onto the corridor paralleling Eighth. Just before the stairs (on the left), turn right along a side corridor to an elevator (about 30 feet). Take the elevator to the third floor.
  • On the third floor, look for the crowd along the long corridor that parallels Eighth Avenue. Gathering places will include Science 3821 (a classroom for the sessions) and Science 3817 (the CS Commons).

8:30Refreshments and Registration
9:00Group Sharing: Update on our CS Programs
2-minute reports from each school attending:
  • Reports of any exciting news on each attendee's campus
  • What are the top 1-2 successes of the past year in the CS program?
  • What are the top 1-2 challenges?
  • Do any trends, developments stand out?
Moderator: Henry M. Walker, Grinnell College
9:45 Technology Association of Iowa: Connecting Education and Industry
Presenter: Patrick Quinn, Director of Membership & Development
  • Abstract: The Technology Association of Iowa is the premier professional organization advancing the success of the state's technology industry. Workforce, Community and Policy are the cornerstones of TAI's focus and education plays a huge role in all three pillars. This talk will touch on ways educators can leverage TAI for their institution and their students.
10:30 Morning Break
11:00 Presentation: Using the Unity Game Engine for teaching a class
Presenter: Paul Craven, Simpson College
11:30 Presentation or Panel: Combining CS, Math, and Stats in Large Data Analysis
Presenter: Suely Oliveira, University of Iowa
Draft Abstract: Session to include a report on an NSF grant that combines CS, Math, and Stats in Large Data Analysis
noon Buffet Lunch
1:00Panel: Supporting Computing for K-12
Moderator: Gary Monnard, Saint Ambrose University
  • Topic: a Computer Science Academy
    • Presenter: Gary Monnard, Saint Ambrose University
      Abstract: Initial work on a joint project of two local high schools, local colleges, and local industry representatives, with the support of a $25,000 grant from the Governor's STEM Advisory Council. The thrust is to develop a more sustained sequence of high school computer science offerings leading to potential college credit and IT internship experiences with local business and industry.
  • Topic: Explore U
    • Presenter: Elizabeth Kleiman, Mt. Mercy College
      Draft Abstract: Report on an on-going summer workshop for middle school girls, this summer fully supported by TransAmerica
  • Topic: Outreach in the Community
    • Presenter: Stephen Fyfe, Central College
      Draft Abstract: Experience teaching a high school course and running a summer camp for middle schoolers
1:45 Discussion and Brainstorming: How Do We Combat Plagiarism
2:15 Presentation: Experiences in hosting "Capture the Flag" computer security contests
Presenter: Nathan Backman, Buena Vista University
Abstract: Attack-and-defend CTF contests draw upon concepts learned from a variety of courses in a computer science curriculum and therefore provide students with a unique opportunity to challenge themselves and their peers. This talk will provide an introduction to CTF contests, explain the technical challenges in facilitating them, and offer lessons learned over the past three years in growing such a contest into an intercollegiate event hosted on Amazon EC2 servers.
2:45 Afternoon Break
3:00 Panel: Experiences with Undergraduate Research
Moderator: Elizabeth Kleiman, Mt. Mercy College
  • Topic: Undergraduate Research at Mt. Mercy
    • Presenter: Elizabeth Kleiman, Mt. Mercy College
  • Topic: Mentored Advanced Projects at Grinnell College
    • Presenter: Henry M. Walker, Grinnell College
  • Topic: Teaching Computing as Science in a Research Experience
    • Presenter: Jerod Weinman, Grinnell College
  • Group discussion: Some initial issues for consideration:
    1. The best way to pick a successful undergrad willing and having potential to do research (what criteria do we use)
    2. How do we come up with ideas for the projects (in what areas can we do the research?)
    3. Funding undergraduate research projects
    4. Where do we publish our undergraduate research projects
    5. Interdisciplinary undergraduate research
3:45 Discussion:
  • Does the group want to meet again? Where? When? Who?
  • Future leadership of the group
  • Future of the listserv
4:00 Adjourn

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