Iowa Undergraduate Computer Science Consortium

Meeting on March 19, 2016 at Graceland University

Time: 9:00 - 4:00 on Saturday, March 19, 2016
Registration begins at 8:30 with coffee, tea, pastries
Registration Fee: $5.00 (cash or check) includes breaks and lunch
Location: Resch Science and Technology Hall is located in the southwest part of Graceland's campus. Resch Hall is distinctive in that it has a a dome shaped observatory and it is nearby the Closson Fitness Center, which is shaped to look like the top of a conestoga wagon. The parking lot that is closest to Resch Hall is fine for weekend and visitor parking, but if you follow other directions for Graceland visitor parking you just need to walk through campus to reach Resch Hall.

Lamoni is about one hour south of Des Moines, just off I-35. Travel I-35 South to Exit 4 (last exit in Iowa). Turn right off of the exit onto US 69 (which becomes Main street), and drive about 2 miles. Turn left on Cherry Street (the Pizza Shack will be on your left). Follow Cherry Street all the way to its end (the 2nd stop sign), and then continue on forward into campus. Follow that road all the way to the parking lot that is adjacent to Resch Hall and Closson Center. You will be parked at the back of Resch so walk to the main entrance on the north side that faces campus.

8:30Gathering and Registration
9:15Show and Tell
2-minute reports from each school attending:
  • Reports of any exciting news on each attendee's campus
  • What are the top 1-2 successes of the past year in the CS program?
  • What are the top 1-2 challenges?
  • Do any trends, developments stand out?
10:00 Robotics in an introductory CS course using C
Presenter: Henry M. Walker, Grinnell College
10:30 Break
10:45 Presentation:
Auto-testing code for teachers and beginning programmers
Presenter: Dr. Ron Smith, Graceland University
11:15 Open Forum on Assessment
11:45 Lunch
1:15 Technology Association of Iowa: Initiatives and Programs
Presenter: Tyler Wyngarden, Director of Talent Development,
Technology Association of Iowa
1:45 Break
2:00 Open Forum on Hiring and Faculty Recruitment
2:30 Talk Introducing students to programming through flowcharts, somewhat similar to RAPTOR
Presenter: Michael Zijlstra, Maharishi University
Referenced YouTube piece on Machine Learning and Novelty
3:00 Afternoon Break
3:15 Brief Talk: Online Course Development
3:30 Business/Goodbye:
  • Does the group want to meet again? Where? When? Who?
  • Future leadership of the group
  • Future of the listserv
3:45 Adjourn

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