Iowa Undergraduate Computer Science Consortium

Meeting on March 26, 1994 at Grinnell College

Time: 9:30 - 3:30 on Saturday, March 6, 1999
Location: Mathematics and Computer Science Department
Science Building (top floor)
Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA

9:30 Refreshments and Registration
10:00 Talk: Problem-Solving and Computing: A Pre-CS1 Service Course
Emily Moore, Assoc. Prof. of Math. and CS, Grinnell College
10:45 Talk: Simulations for Beginning Programmers
Rex Thomas, Asst. Director in the Computation Center and
Adjunct Professor in Computer Science, Iowa State Univ.
11:45 Lunch Break: North Lounge, Forum
12:30 Tour of Computer Facilities at Host Institution
William Francis, Director, Grinnell College Computer Services
Discussion of campus LANs, connectivity
Math/CS Dept Lab (Sun 3/50s)
Public Labs (ARH Classroom, Language Lab) (PCs, Macs)
Central VAX Cluster
1:15 Talk: Closed Laboratories in Computer Science
Sheila Castaneda, CS Dept. Chair, Clarke College
1:45 Break
2:00 Talk: A Revised Model Curriculum for a Liberal Arts Degree in CS
Henry Walker, Prof. of Math. and CS, Grinnell College
2:30 Talk: More Science in the Introduction to Computer Science
Gary Leavens, Asst. Prof. of Computer Science, Iowa State Univ.
Albert Baker, Assoc. Prof. of Computer Science, Iowa State Univ.
3:30 Discussion of future directions, if any, for the group