Pictures Taken at the ITiCSE 2011 Conference

25 — 29 June 2011 in Darmstadt, Germany

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The Darmstadtium

ITiCSE 2011 was held at the Darmstadtium — a conference center affiliated with the City of Darmstadt and the Technische Universitat Darmstadt. Located adjacent to the host university, the Darmstadtium has a very modern architecture, combining glass, steel, and stone. About half of the Darmstadtium sits above a solid rock base, while the other half rests upon a soft sandstone. Thus, two different structural approaches are needed in the two parts of the building. In addition, a medieval wall runs through one part of the building, and the Darmstadtium maintains this historical feature as part of its overall design.

The Darmstadtium takes up several full blocks near the downtown center. (HMW)

The front of the Darmstadtium is mostly glass, with a combination of stone and glass on the sides. Few walls are at right angles throughout the building, and the exterior walls generally slope outwards as they ascend. (HMW)

The east side of the building extends along a side street that climbs toward the Artists' Colony that was a famous center of artwork in the early 1900s. (TEPW)

The front of the Darmstadtium opens on a public square. Since the glass walls angle outwards as they ascend, the walls serve as partial mirrors, and people on the street often can see reflections of buildings and activities from across the street. (TEPW)

This picture looking outward from the front of the Darmstadtium shows the buildings across the street, as well as some of the numerous booths that appeared in anticipation of the city-wide Heinerfest that started just after ITiCSE 2011 concluded. The Heinerfest is a major summer celebration in the area, drawing 300,000-400,000 people over about 5 days. (TEPW)

The inside of the Darmstadtium features a fascinating interplay of glass, metal supports, interconnecting walkways, and stone blocks. This pictures looks upward from from lobby area. (TEPW)

Looking down at the lobby area from the third floor. (HMW)

Another view of the ground floor from the third floor (HMW)

A lounge area is located to the left of the lobby entrance. (TEPW)

The old medieval wall extends through part of the right side of the lobby area.

Conference Dinner Site

The conference dinner was held at the Castle Auerbach, about a 20-minute drive south of Darmstadt. The castle is located on the top of a hill overlooking the town of Auerbach and tries to maintain a somewhat medieval atmosphere in its decoration and costumes. (The dining hall itself, however, seemed modern.)

The Castle Auerbach rests atop a hill overlooking the city of Auerbach. The castle itself seems to date from medieval times. (TEPW)

A long winding road leads to the castle itself — not an easy drive for buses! The road stops at a moat area, and visitors cross a bridge to access the castle itself. (TEPW)

The path to the castle climbs a hill and passes next to the outer castle wall. (HMW)

The path from the parking lot passes through a main gate in the outer wall. (TEPW)

Beyond the wall, the path passes near a fortified tower inside. (HMW)

Within the walls, the main path passes several buildings and open areas. (TEPW)

Inside the outer wall, additional fortifications included additional walls and towers. (TEPW)

Another view of the inner fortifications of the Castle Auerbach. (TEPW)

The dinner hall was located near the rear of the area inside the wall. We were met by three musicians, two women who played bag pipes and wind instruments, and a man (robed as a court jester) played drums. (HMW)

A closer view of the musicians greeting the ITiCSE group. (HMW)

Conference Dinner

The conference dinner itself was held in a reasonably modern building, with elements from earlier times.

One side of the dinner hall had a stage area. Here two women played a range of bag pipes and wind instruments, and a man played drums for several pieces throughout the dinner. (HMW)

The building itself contained a large open area with tables running perpendicular to the entrance and stage area. Decorations and costumes presented a general medieval atmosphere. (HMW)

A close up of the musicians and stage area. (TEPW)

Conference attendees at tables, with the stage beyond. (TEPW)

Dessert arrived with waiters entering in a line holding ice cream, fruit, sauces, and candies topped with sparklers. (TEPW)

A closer view of the desert "parade". (TEPW)

Dessert arrived with waiters entering in a line holding ice cream, fruit, sauces, and candies topped with sparklers. (TEPW)