CSC 299/499 Grinnell College Fall, 2014  
Scribbler 2 Bluetooth
with C
Scribbler 2

Original Timeline — Tentative Schedule of Activities

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Although the project will evolve over the semester, the following schedule outlines a possible time line for this project.

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Week Dates Activities Status Product(s)
Weeks 1-2: 28 August–3 September Reading concerning Bluetooth Communications and Scribbler 2 control Not yet started
Weeks 3-6: 4 September–1 October Design, implement the C-based infrastructure to capture and process Scribbler 2 images Not yet started Revised MyroC.h and MyroC.c
Week 7: 2–8 October Review existing CSC 161 materials to determine changes needed to accommodate the new image processing infrastructure Precise specification needed List of changes needed, including specific modules, readings, examples, labs, and projects
Week 8: 9–17 October Begin revision/rewriting of CSC 161 materials Collection of materials to be assigned to pairs of students Drafts prepared for specific materials
Fall Break
Weeks 9-10: 27 October–9 November Revise/Rewrite CSC 161 materials Each module assigned to one pair, reviewed by the other pair New pages used to populate CSC 161 Web pages for Spring 2015
Weeks 11-12: 10–30 November Plan poster(s), Thursday Extra Specification required Draft poster, talk outline
Revised MyroC documentation for use by Javadoc tools More precise specification needed Web-based documentation available
Weeks 13-14: 1–12 December Complete poster(s), Thursday Extra Scheduling to be determined Poster(s) to be placed on bulletin boards
Porting of MyroC to a Macintosh environment explored More details needed Possible posting on
Spring 2015 January / February Possibly write/refine paper for publication More precise specification needed Possible publication venues to be identified
Possible submission of paper, poster to regional, national conference Not yet scheduled Venue to be determined

This time line will be updated regularly throughout the project.

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