CSC 161 Grinnell College Fall, 2011
Imperative Problem Solving and Data Structures

CSC 161 Module to Introduce Arrays, Functions, Testing, and Addresses


This module introduces CSC 161 students to fundamental elements of programming in C, including

  1. Arrays
  2. Functions and Parameters
  3. Testing
  4. Values and Addresses

Day-by-day Details

Day Topic Preparation In-class Due Date Availability
Monday, September 19 Examples
Module 2: Arrays, Functions, Testing, Values, and Addresses
Tuesday, September 20 Arrays
  • K&R: 1.6, 1.9, 5.7
lab exercise    
Wednesday, September 21 Functions
  • K&R: 1.7, 4.1-4.3.
lab exercise    
Friday, September 23 Hour Test 1
Monday, September 26 The & Operator and Addresses
  • K&R: 5.1, 5.2
lab exercise    
Tuesday, September 27 Testing lab exercise    
Wednesday, September 28 Project   Uninterpretable Dance Due:  

Project: Uninterpretable Dance

Working in pairs, students should develop a program which makes the robot perform a randomized dance. That is, the program should have these features:


This project will be worth 25 points, based on the following rubric:

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