Computer Organization and Architecture

Microprogramming Assignment

This assignment is based on the Mic-1 architecture, as described in Figures 4-8, 4-9, and 4-10 (section 4.2) in Tanenbaum's text.

In the following, assume register A contains the address of the variable X, register B contains the address of variable Y, and register C contains the address of variable Z.

  1. Write microcode for the Pascal statement
    Z := 4*X - 2;
  2. Write microcode for the logical statement
    Z = max(X, Y)
Write out the microcode using a separate microcode form for each exercise.
This form may be printed with the command:
dvips ~walker/public_html/courses/211/micro-code-form.dvi
For each instruction, indicate a 0 or 1 only in those fields where the value matters. Place a dash (-) in fields where the values are ignored. Also, be sure to annotate your code appropriately.

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created September 21, 1997
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