CSC 223 Grinnell College Fall, 2005
Software Design

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Computer Science 223 provides a framework for the study of the development of large software systems. Components of the course include:

In additional to discussing basic principles, techniques, and heuristics for large system development, students in the course also develop moderately large projects:


Henry M. Walker

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This courses uses two textbooks:

Since students will be implementing components and interfaces in Java, students may wish to consult one of the many Java language books on the market.


While the schedule for this course is expected to evolve, a Tentative Class Schedule is available in .dvi , postscript and pdf formats.

Also, if you are logged into the departmental network and want a copy printed, click duerer to have a copy printed on the printer duerer, and click pacioli to have a copy printed on the printer pacioli .


Course Work will involve a combination of the following activities.


Students are responsible for submitting labs and discussion questions by specified deadlines. For lab work, a penalty of 25% per class will be assessed for any work turned in late, even work submitted at the end of a class period. However, an extension of at least one class period is automatically granted if the department's computer network is down for an unscheduled period for a period of three or more hours during the week preceding the due date. Normally, a program or laboratory write-up is due every third class meeting.

Discussion questions submitted late will not be accepted.

Students may lose significant credit for failure to particiapte in group activities. For example, you should expect a penalty for missing a class that is scheduled for a group meeting or a group presentation.

Absolute Deadline: All work, including the group projects, must be turned in by Friday, December 9 at 5:00 pm;
work received after that time will not be counted in the grading of the course.


The final grade will be based upon each student's demonstration of her or his understanding of and facility in programming, not on the performance of the class as a whole nor on a strict percentile basis. While some flexibility may be possible in determining a final semester grade, the following percentages approximate the relative weights attached to various activities in this course.

Discussion Questions: 15% Labs: 10% Project Work in Groups: 45% Hour Tests: 30%


If you have physical, psychiatric, or learning disabilities and require accommodations, you should follow these steps:

I would be delighted to talk with you to wok out any details.

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