Tutorial Grinnell College Fall, 2008
Computers: Facts, Misconceptions, and Ethical Issues

Academic Honesty Exercise

Due: Tuesday, September 30

This exercise asks you to demonstrate your understanding of elements of citation, quotation, and paraphrasing by using specific sources to answer the following questions.

  1. Read the Grinnell College Policy on Academic Honesty from the Grinnell College Student Handbook.

  2. Read the Exercise on Citation and Paraphrase from the booklet on Academic Honesty that was distributed in class.

  3. Complete Section II in Judy Hunter's Exercises, basing your work on the following passages. For each part, you must use appropriate attribution following APA style. Also, you must compile a Works Cited for this exercise, again following APA style.

    1. Paraphrase: Write a paragraph that paraphrases one of the ethical points of view presented in Quinn, Chapter 2. (If you led a discussion of one of these viewpoints, please pick a different viewpoint for this exercise.) Also, include a full citation for this material in a list of Works Cited.
    2. Block Quotation: Go to the home page for the Computer Science Department (http://www.cs.grinnell.edu). Click on the link for "The Mathematics Local-Area Network (MathLAN)", and then on the link for MathLAN workstations. This page provides biographical material for various famous mathematicians, computer sciences, and physicists for which the MathLAN workstations and servers are named. About halfway down the page, in the servers section, find a link for Grace Brewster Murray Hopper, for whom our Web server is named. Use this material to write a paragraph that includes a block quotation.
    3. Snippets: Construct your own paragraph using snippets, based on the Web page obtained by going to the home page for the Mathematics and Statistics Department (http://www.math.grinnell.edu) and clicking on the logo at the top of the page.
    4. Using an Idea: Write a paragraph that uses an idea you got from Walker's Chapter 2.

  4. Sign and return the Statement on Academic Honesty at Grinnell (page 33 in the Academic Honesty booklet).

You must use word processing software to prepare your assignment, and you must run a spelling checker on your work. (The exercise will not be accepted if it contains obvious spelling errors which would be caught by a spelling checker.) You must turn in 2 copies of your exercise, as printed by the word processing software on a laser-quality printer. I will return one copy to you; the other copy will go into your advising folder for future reference.)

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