Tutorial Grinnell College Fall, 2008
Computers: Facts, Misconceptions, and Ethical Issues

Fourth Writing Assignment

This tutorial has discussed many aspects of computing, including ethical issues, hardware, data representation, the nature of operating systems, software packages, software development, applications, networking, file sharing, privacy and security, the Internet, and e-voting. In this paper, you have the opportunity to explore your own interests by choosing a topic that you have not written about previously (at least in this course). To get started, you will need to do library research covering at least five sources (with at least three from published sources obtained from either the library or electronic databases), and you will need to organize your ideas and findings in a 5-7 page paper.

For this paper, class deadlines will be somewhat different than for previous assignments. In particular, you can learn a great deal about writing and about subject matter by reading other papers. Thus, for this paper, the writing process will be divided into several steps as follows:

Of course, the paper should follow APA format throughout.

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