Science Phase 2: Views from the Crane

23 November 2005

The following pictures show several views from the tower crane. Pictures start at the western part of the site and progress eastward. Within a section, views proceed south to north.

Click on any picture for the original, larger version.

Western Section: looking east to west
western section
Western section: decking with rebar placed within some beam forms
Central Section: looking east to west
south-central section
South-central section: decking near the existing Science building
north-central section
North-central section: decking near Eighth Avenue
Eastern Section: progressing counter clockwise
south-eastern section (1)
south-eastern section: rebar storage in basement; yellow insulation wraps sewer and storm sewer pipes
south-eastern section (2)
south-eastern section: central courtyard area and eastern basement
south-eastern section (3)
south-eastern section: decking in central area, with basement area near chiller plant
north-eastern section (1)
north-eastern section: basement area and ramp exiting site
north-eastern section (2)
north-eastern section: shoring near Eight Avenue on left extends to area of old ramp on the right; edge of chiller plant is visible on lower right
north-eastern section (3)
north-eastern section: close up of wall forms

created 7 December 2005
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