Science Phase 2: Views from the Crane

12 December 2005

The following pictures show several views from the tower crane, moving from west to east. Within a section, views proceed south to north.

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Western Section between biology labs and Eighth Avenue: western end at top progressing downward toward the east Central Section: looking south to north
western section
Western section: rebar has been installed for beams
the bottom of two rebar mats serves as a base for floor areas
electrical conduit on the rebar mats will supply floor outlets decking with rebar placed within some beam forms
south-central section
South-central section just outside Bruce Voyle's Lab: decking with rebar for the beams and some electrical conduit for outlets in the floors
central section
Central section: the line of wooden 2x4's near the top third of the picture shows the division between the first concrete pour (above) and the central concrete pour (below).
north-central section
North-central section: rebar mats and electrical conduit are in place for the western section (upper two-thirds of picture), until the 2x4 line that forms the dividing line with the central section.
Eastern Section: progressing south to north
south-eastern section
South-eastern section: partial decking is being formed; the chiller plant is at the top of the picture
north-eastern section (1)
North-eastern section: the central area near the street (top) serves largely as a temporary storage area
north-eastern section (2)
North-eastern section: the basement floor does not extend under the extreme north-eastern part of the building, although columns emerge from the snowy foundation.
Mystery Picture: Can you identify the area shown in this picture? Tower Crane at Night
Paul Slycord, Weitz Senior Project Superintendent, suggests that building faculty and staff might enjoy puzzling the location for this picture!
Night view of the tower crane, looking westward from the eastern driveway.

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