Science Phase 2: Views from the Crane

20 December 2005

The following pictures show several views from the tower crane, moving from west to east. Within a section, views proceed south to north.

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Western Section after First Deck Pour
western section (1)
Western section: The concrete floor (with beams underneath) abuts the existing Science building. Open areas (upper left and lower center) have a temporary railing and will accommodate mechanical systems when the building is finished.
western section (2)
Western section: Closer view of the first (western) section of the first floor.
Looking westward from above the Cooling Plant
looking toward the west
This overview from above the Cooling Plant shows three phases:
  • Western section (top): Floor is poured
  • Central section (middle): Decking for floor and beams, with rebar placed in several beam channels
  • Eastern section (bottom): Underlying decking is being constructed (note additional decking is needed in the lower left corner). Some flooring decking in the middle areas, although these areas are also used for storage.
Central Section, moving south to north
south-central section (1)
South-central section: the open courtyard in the upper part of the picture serves as storage for column forms.
south-central section (2)
Central section: a closer view of the central part of the decking, with channels for rebar near the top and construction of forms near the bottom
central section)
Central section: another close up of the central part of the decking
north-central section (1)
North-central section: the floor of the western section (at top) turns to decking and beam forms. Rebar for this central section is visible next to the finished western section.
The shoe of the crane operator/photographer is visible on the lower right, indicating the perspective this worker enjoys each day!

Eastern Section
north-central section (2)
North-central section: another view of the north-central section, next to the tower crane.
south-eastern section
South-eastern section: partial decking is being formed; the chiller plant is at the top of the picture

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