Science Phase 2: Views from the Crane

27 December 2005

The following pictures show several views from the tower crane, moving from west to east. Within a section, views proceed south to north.

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Western Section
western section (1)
Western section: This area provides storage for shoring for the second floor.
western section (2)
Western section: A closer view of the storage area for shoring.
western section (3)
Western section: Viewing column forms and the existing Biology/Chemistry office area from Eighth Avenue.
western section (4)
Western section: Overview of the southwestern area surrounding the existing chemistry/biology rooms.
Central Section, moving south to north
Rebar mats awaiting the arrival of concrete
rebar (1)
Central section rebar: looking east over the central section, with the chiller plant beyond
rebar (2)
Central section rebar: a closer view of the central section with rebar mats
The second pour for the central section of the first floor
pouring concrete (1)
Looking south with the first concrete pour on the right, the concrete pumper first places concrete in the southwestern part of the central section.
pouring concrete (2)
Looking from above, the southwestern part now has concrete, and a line of concrete (near the bottom) extends toward the north
pouring concrete (3)
The concrete "line" extends northward during the pour
lines through the grid show electrical conduit to floor boxes.
pouring concrete (4)
Looking toward the south, concrete is visible on the western (right) region; the rebar mats and electrical conduit on the eastern part await concrete.
The tan line toward the left of the picture shows the dividing line between this central section and the eastern section that represents the third pour.
Finishing the second deck pour
finishing the concrete (1)
Pouring the last deck area
finishing concrete (2)
Looking over the finished area at the last part of the pour
finishing the concrete (3)
The eastern and central parts of the deck pour.
finishing concrete (4)
The central and western parts of the deck pour

Eastern Section
southeastern section
Southeastern section: Viewing the shoring near the Math/CS/Psych wing
east-central section
East-central section: Looking toward the chiller plant.
northeastern section
Northeastern section: Looking northward toward Eighth Avenue from near the Math/CS/Psych wing.

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