Campus Views from the Crane

5 January 2006

The following pictures present a crane's eye view of campus, starting from the view to the west (with ARH) and proceeding counterclockwise.

Click on any picture for the original, larger version.

ARH and west
Looking westward toward ARH
Carnegie and southeast
Looking over the Science elbow toward Carnegie, the Chapel, and downtown
the Science elbow
The Science elbow
Burling and south
Looking toward Burling and beyond to the south
Quad Dining Hall and Southeast
Quad Dining Hall, East Campus and southeast
East Campus and east)
East Campus dormitories
North Campus and northeast
North Campus and northeast
Campus Center and north
Looking north at the Campus Center, the PEC center, and the new Darby
Campus Center and North Campus
The Campus Center with the North Campus dorms beyond to the northwest.
Note: The crane operator took this picture from the end of the crane; the operator-cab is seen along the boom in the distance. (The operator uses a safety harness when walking along the boom!)

created 5 January 2006
last revised 18 February 2006
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