Science Phase 2: Views from the Crane

18 January 2006

The following pictures show several views from the tower crane, moving from west to east. Within a section, views proceed south to north.

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Picture of the Entire Site Western Section
overall site
Looking east to west, along the existing Science building
Concrete pour is underway on the east section
Base shoring is being installed in the central section
Shoring for beams and floors is being installed in the western section
western section
Western Section: Shoring for beams and floors is largely in place; the next step will be rebar and electrical conduit
Central Section
southern part of central section
South-central section: Installing the base shoring:
  • Vertical pillars (4x4s) support metal beams (central part of picture, going bottom toward the top)
  • Horizontal metal beams connect the base metal beams (left part of picture, going toward the right)
  • Plywood sheets go over the metal beams (top central part of picture)
  • Metal pans to support the floor (above the future beams) go on top of the plywood (at top of picture)
central section
Central section: Vertical supports at the bottom progress to metal beams and plywood base toward the top
Eastern Section: Before the Concrete Pour Begins
eastern section (1)
Eastern section: Looking toward the southeast, shoring, rebar, and electrical conduit is in place
Note the electrical conduit connecting the floor boxes that will provide electrical and data service to classroom areas
eastern section (2)
Eastern section: A second view of the eastern section, just before the concrete pour begins
Eastern Section: Concrete Pour Is Underway
eastern section (1)
Eastern section: The concrete pour progresses from the south to the north
the pumper delivers concrete, so it can be worked into place and smoothed
eastern section (2)
Eastern section: A closer view of the activities for spreading concrete as it arrives from the pumper
The shoe at the bottom of picture shows the working environment of the crane operator on the crane's boom
eastern section (3)
Eastern section: This concrete pour is about half done
eastern section (4)
Eastern section: When completed, the concrete is nicely smoothed and level
north-eastern section
North-eastern section: The concrete pumper is located just off Eighth Avenue at the northeastern corner of the site.

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