Science Phase 2: Views from the Crane

25 January 2006

The following pictures show several views from the tower crane, moving from west to east. Within a section, views proceed south to north.

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Western Section
western and central sections (1)
Western and central sections looking north: Shoring for the second floor for the western section and part of the central section
Rebar is installed for many of the beams in the western section
western section
Western section: A closer view, looking north
western and central sections (2)
Western and central sections, looking south toward the existing Science building
Central Section
Central section, looking west: New courtyard between existing and new building
the left of the picture shows the installation of the shoring for the second floor corridor next to the courtyard (the first floor corridor will be a concrete deck poured on top of gravel)
central-central section
South-central section, looking north: The edge of the courtyard is at the very bottom of the picture, with the eastern floor section to the right
Eastern Section: progressing south to north
south-eastern section
South-eastern section: the last wall pour is being prepared along the chiller building
gravel fills much of the area between the chiller plant and the new basement
the first-floor concrete deck serves largely as storage for supplies — particularly bundles of 4x4 shoring supports
eastern section (1)
Eastern section: Shoring from the central section (bottom) yields to storage space throughout the eastern section
eastern section (2)
Eastern section: Gravel fills the area in the northeast between the building and Eighth Avenue

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