Science Phase 2: Views from the Crane

27 January 2006

The following pictures show several ground-level views, moving from west to east.

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Western and Central Sections along Eighth Avenue
along Eighth Avenue (1)
Western Section: Forms and rebar at the north part of the building, looking eastward from the building's western edge
along Eighth Avenue (2)
Looking eastwards from the west into the central section: Rebar mats on the floor areas mesh with the rebar for beams
Western Section
Western Section: Looking south, this area adjoins the existing chemistry area. The cones provide inserts into the concrete to provide paths for utility conduit.
Central Section
corridor area
Central section, looking south toward Burling: The corridor to the west of the new courtyard (on left) will help form a clear path from Burling to the new Campus Center.
north of courtyard
Central section, looking eastward along the courtyard: The wooden form in the center adjoins a beam, currently shown with 5 large rebar pieces. The floor decking with additional beams are seen on the left. The Chiller Plant is ahead in the distance.
Eastern Section: progressing south to north
south-eastern section
South-eastern section: the metal beams in the foreground will soon support plywood deck in the central section; the eastern section now serves as storage for 4x4 supports and other shoring supplies.
eastern wall
Eastern section: The newly poured concrete wall along the Chiller Plant completes the poured concrete walls for the building. Later walls will be brick or other materials.
northeastern section (1)
Eastern section: Looking east from the northern part of the construction; gravel fills the area in the northeast between the building and Eighth Avenue
northeastern section (1)
Eastern section: A closer view of the gravel in the northeastern part of the site near the Chiller Plant.

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