Science Phase 2: Views from Ground Level

27 February 2006

The following pictures show several ground-level views, moving from west to east. Within a section, pictures generally go from north to south.

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Western Section
western section (1)
Western section: Looking eastward along Eighth Avenue, with the nortwestern part of the existing Science building on the right.
western section (2)
Western section: Looking southwest at the chemistry area of the old building, with the new first floor concrete deck in the foreground. Decking for the second floor is being installed in the background.
Central Section
north-central section (1)
Central Section: Looking along the first-floor concrete deck that extends along Eighth Avenue. In the central section. concrete columns are in place to support the second floor; beyond in the eastern section, a round column form is in place for another pour.
north-central section (2)
Central section: Looking back (westward) through the central section along the concrete floor toward the existing Science building.
central section
Central Section: Tracks are in place in the floor of the central section for library stacks,
south-central section
South Central Section: The first floor deck extends through the central and easter sections to the old Science building in the distance. Nearby columns have been poured, and forms are in place for several more. Rebar is prepared for the columns in the distance.
Eastern Section
north-eastern section
North Eastern Section: Forms are in place for the beams and floor concrete, and rebar is in place for the beams.
east-central section
Central Eastern Section: The east-central section similarly has rebar in beam areas.
south-eastern section
South Eastern section: Rebar floor mats are being installed near the old Science building.

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