Science Phase 2: Ground-Level Pictures

14 February 2006

The first section of pictures shows several details.

The remaining sections progress from west to central to east through the new construction. Within a section, views proceed south to north.

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Some Details
brackets (1)
Outside the corridor west of the temporary Science Library, spacers provide a base for flooring forms. Normally, metal bins are used for this purpose, but smaller spacers are needed in small areas.
conduit inserts
Inserts provide space for electrical conduit that must go through concrete beams.
brackets (2)
A metal bracket is screwed to the wall, near the corridor window just outside Minna Mahlab's office.
brackets (3)
Another bracket attaches to the existing wall, near the northern window (near Minna Mahlab's office).
Western Section
western section (1)
Western section: Shoring is being inserted on top of the first floor, beginning near the northern corridor of the Science building (1951 wing).
western section (2)
Western section: A second view of the start of shoring activities.
Central Section
central section (1)
Central section: The southern part of the central section provides storage for supplies, while column forms are being constructed near the eastern section (in the distance).
central section (2)
Central section: Concrete is transported by tower crane to fill the column forms.
central section (3)
Central section: A mezzanine in the Science Library is located in the northern part of the central section. Shoring is being put in place for this mezzanine (right).
central mezzanine section
Central section: Shoring and forms for the mezzanine take shape.
Eastern Section
south-eastern section
South Eastern Section: Rebar mats are largely in place for the first floor deck, just north of the Math/CS/Psych wing of the existing buidling.
central-eastern section
Eastern Section: Moving into the middle part of the eastern section, rebar is in place for many beams. Rebar flooring mats are prepared up to a point; thereafter the floor decking is in place, but rebar installation is incomplete.
north-eastern section
North Eastern Section: In the northern section, parts of beam rebar have been installed, but additional rebar is needed for beams, and the flooring rebar has not been started.

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