Science Phase 2: Views from the Crane

14 March 2006

The following pictures show several views from the tower crane, moving from west to east.

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Western Section
western section (1)
Western section: Looking westward, toward the existing science building. Some work preliminary work on the ventilation system can be seen on the existing roof. Forms are largely in place for the beams and floors of the third floor (west), and rebar mats are being started in flooring areas near the bottom of the picture.
Views from the South Views from the North
western and central sections (1)
Western and Central Sections: Forms, with some rebar, can be seen in the western section (left); forms are being installed for beams and flooring in the central section (right). This picture is looking northward, from over the existing science building.
western and central sections (2)
Western and Central Sections: Another view of the western and central sections, this time looking southward from the crane above Eighth Avenue.
south-central section
South Central Section: Some details looking down near the courtyard and south-central areas. Initial decking is being added toward the east.
north-central section
North-Central Section: Scaffolding for third-floor decking is constructed (right) on top of the second-floor concrete floor. Columns for the third floor are framed and then poured in the eastern section (left).
central and eastern sections
Central and Eastern Sections: Looking north-east from over the existing science building. Note the shadow of the crane on the scaffolding on the left, and the new campus center at the top.
north-eastern section
North Eastern Section: A closer view of work in the north-eastern part of the new construction. Rebar for columns is in place, and forms for these columns are progressing toward the east.

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