Science Phase 2: Views from the Crane

06 April 2006

The following pictures show several views from the tower crane. Most pictures include the central section — often looking beyond to another section. Views progress counterclockwise, starting at the west.

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Looking Toward the West
looking westward (1)
Looking Westward along Eighth Avenue: Concrete is poured in the western section (near top and the existing building); rebar and conduit are visible in the central section (near the bottom)
looking westward (2)
Looking Westward: Viewing much of the site, decking and flooring pans are being installed on the east (bottom), rebar is being added in the central section (middle) with electrical conduit included (right), and concrete is poured on the west (top)
western section
Western section: The poured concrete floor serves as a staging area for installation of rebar and conduit in the central section (seen at left).
south-central section (1)
This view looks toward the southwest:
  • The greenhouse will occupy the area above, near the courtyard.
  • Computer science will occupy much of the area below and to the right, hence the extensive conduit runs found within the rebar.
A wooden divider may be seen from just left of top center and progressing to just right of the bottom center. This divider will provide the boundary for pouring the central section (right).
central south section (2)
Looking toward the eastern and central sections:
  • Rebar begins to take shape in the region of the future greenhouse, near the courtyard (upper right).
  • Base decking is largely in place for the eastern section (on left), and the next step is adding pans for the floor.
north-central section
Looking closer at the northern part of the central section, the rebar and electrical conduit are clearly visible in the areas for CS/math classrooms, CS labs, and CS offices.
central-eastern sections
Looking from the central section toward the east, rebar and conduit are largely complete in the north-central area. Progressively more work must be done toward the courtyard (right) and east (above).

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