Science Phase 2: Views from the Crane

24 April 2006

Concrete was poured for the eastern third of the third floor on Monday, 24 April 2006. The first seven pictures that follow show parts of that pour. The remaining three pictures show shoring being installed for roof of the central and western sections.

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Pouring the Eastern Part of the Third Floor
south-eastern section (1)
Looking toward the south east, the boom of the concrete pumper (lower left) begins pouring concrete into beams and the third floor. The pour will extend toward the chiller plant (top).
south-eastern section (2)
A greenhouse will cover much of the southern part of the third floor east (lower right). A wooden frame (white line at lower left and extending diagonally up to the right) separates this section from the rest of the third floor pour. A higher rebar mat shows the location for the base for the lower wall of the greenhouse.
north-eastern section (1)
The concrete pour begins near the northern part of the third floor. The picture shows the chiller plant (top) and part of the concrete pumper (left).
north-eastern section (2)
A closer look at the third floor framing and rebar near the chiller plant. The wood-frame area near the center of the picture will be an open area that will house a stairway.
eastern section (1)
A close up of the central section of the third floor framing and rebar, just north of the greenhouse area.
eastern section (2)
Another closeup of the floor area just north of the green house. The previously-poured concrete floor in the central section is seen at the bottom of the picture.
the concrete pumper
Two cement trucks can unload into the hopper of the concrete pumper at the same time. In this picture, one cement truck (top) is pouring concrete into the pumper's hopper, while a second cement truck (bottom) is backing into place to unload its load.
Preparing the Central and Western Sections
south-central section
On top of the third floor (left), shoring bracing is installed first (center), and this is covered with a plywood base (right).
north-central sections
Shoring and pans are being installed for the roof of the northern edge of the central section.
western section
Shoring through the western section (top rightt) provides forms for beams and flooring; at present, this area serves as pan storage for future forms. These pans are being installed for the flooring in the central section (bottom left).

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