Science Phase 2: Construction Pictures

13 July 2006

These pictures show interior construction within the new part of the Science Building. Many thanks to Paul Slycord and Weitz Corporation for supplying these pictures!

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Roof (Fourth Floor) Greenhouse Third Floor Existing Roof Second Floor First Floor Basement

Roof (Fourth Floor)

Roof (1)
The roof of the new building, looking east with the arched library roof at the left.
Roof (2)
Looking toward the northeast over the new roof toward the new north dorms.
Roof (3)
Looking northward along the roof toward the Campus Center.
Roof (4)
Looking southward along much of the new roof, over the 1986 building.


Work on the greenhouse focuses upon waterproofing of the floor. This proceeds in several steps:

  1. The concrete base is poured (done in May)
  2. A reinforcing polyester fabric is laid (pictures below)
  3. A tar coating is applied (pictures below)
  4. Insulation is laid
  5. Drainage mat is installed
  6. Concrete is placed
  7. Waterproof membrane is installed

After the first main layer of waterproofing (step 3), 2 inches of water are poured throughout the region and let set to check for leaks.

Greenhouse (1)
Fabric is being unfolded and laid in the room area to the upper left of the picture.
Tar is applied on top of the plastic (lower left).
The complete first layer (with tar) is shown on the room areas on the right.
Greenhouse (2)
Fabric is unfolded (at right), and some tar has been laid.
Greenhouse (3)
A distance view shows the base of several room areas. Tar has been applied over fabric in two rooms on the right plus one near the left. A workman is starting the application of tar over the white fabric.
Greenhouse (4)
Applying the tar layer over the fabric sheeting
Greenhouse (5)
Two room areas with the first tar layer completed
Greenhouse (6)
A closer view of a room area with tar layer (with a drain in the middle)

Third Floor

Third Floor Northwest
Since work is progressing from the lower floors upwards, much of the third floor serves as storage.
Third Floor Northeast
Drain points are being installed in the northeastern part of the third floor.

Existing Roof

Work on the existing roof of the Science building includes:

Eventually, much of the existing roof will be replaced.

Existing Roof (1)

Installing of new conduit in the area over the current Science Division Office.
Existing Roof (2)
Installing part of a new roof and building curbs for equipment

Second Floor

These pictures progress counterclockwise, starting from the middle of the first floor and looking west.
Second Floor West (1)
Looking westward from the middle of the floor.
Second Floor South
Looking southward toward the courtyard
Second Floor Southeast
Much of the second floor, looking toward the southeast and the existing Math/CS/Psychology wing.
Second Floor East
Looking eastward through the library area, the red electrical extension cord catches one's eye. Note also the tracks in the floor (right) which will allow the use of compact shelving in the library.
Second Floor Northwest (1)
Looking toward the northwestern corner of the area.
Trivia Question: How can one tell this is the northwestern section, rather than a view toward the courtyard?

First Floor

As with the second floor, these pictures progress counterclockwise, starting from the middle of the first floor and looking west.

First Floor West
Looking west along the main central corridor toward the north of the existing building (near Clark Lindgren's lab and the growth chambers).
First Floor Southwest
An air shaft will run up along the north side of the current Biology lab areas. This space is being filled with studding, in preparation for sheet rock that will finish the air shaft wall.
First Floor South (1)
The corridor to the west of the courtyard has the first parts of air ducting in the ceiling.
First Floor South (2)
Studding is in place along corridors and under the windows near the courtyard.
First Floor Ducts
Installation of air ducts
First Floor Electrical
An electrical breaker box resides in the middle of studding for several rooms.
First Floor South (3)
Looking down the hallway to the east of the courtyard toward the existing building. (The old driveway entrance between Psychology and Physics would be at the end.)
First Floor Southeast
Looking at the southeastern part of building; the far opening is between the Chiller Plant on the left and the existing Science Building on the right.
First Floor East
Looking eastward toward the Chiller Plant
First Floor North
Looking from the southeastern section toward the northern middle of the building (under the Library)


Basement (1)
A corridor in the hall separates a large mechanical space (left) from labs (right).
Basement (2)
A section of the mechanical rooms and air handler units

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