Science Phase 2: Construction Pictures

13 July 2006

These pictures show interior construction within the new part of the Science Building.

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Roof (Fourth Floor) Greenhouse Third Floor Courtyard Second Floor First Floor Basement

Roof (Fourth Floor)

roof (1)
The roof of the new building, looking east with the arched library roof at the left.
roof (2)
Looking westward along the third-floor roof (right) and downward at the roof of the existing science building over the chemistry stockroom. This picture shows much of the preparation for the mid-August shutdown of the ventilation system in the 1964 wing.


The greenhouse is located on the third floor and serves as a roof for part of the second floor. Since the greenhouse resides above other occupied space, waterproofing of the floor is a high priority.

greenhouse (1)
The greenhouse floor is shown with its head house (top). The third floor roof is seen at the left, the existing science building on the right, and the courtyard to the lower left.
A closer view of the greenhouse floor, with the head house wall beyond. The base of walls is in place, and careful observation reveals drains in each room.

Third Floor

Third floor (1)
Roof drains are in place for much of the third floor; otherwise, this area is largely open at the present time. This picture looks toward the northwest.
Third floor (2)
This picture looks toward the northeast, with the chiller plant visible through the window at the far end. Note the floor markings that indicate the position of future corridor walls.


Work in the courtyard focuses on laying the brick wall on the northern side.

courtyard south
Looking into the new courtyard with the roof of the existing science building beyond.
courtyard west
Looking through the courtyard toward the west.
courtyard north (1)
Scaffoldng allows the laying of brick along the north side of the new courtyard.
courtyard north (2)
A second view of the scaffolding and brickwork along the north side of the courtyard.
courtyard east
A view of the eastern side of the courtyard.

Second Floor

These pictures progress from north, overlooking Eighth Avenue, to south, along the Computer Science/Mathematics/Statistics wing.
Second floor NW (1)
Looking northwest, with scaffolding and the corner of the Campus Center visible outside the window.
Second floor east
Looking eastward along the corridor toward the new Science Library. The windows overlooking Eighth Avenue are on the left.
Second floor NW (2)
Looking northwestern from the Science Library toward Eighth Avenue. The tracks in the floor will allow the installation of compact shelving in the future. The crane tower is seen on the right, with the mezzanine platform beyond (far right).
Second floor E (1)
This picture looks northeastward from the west side of the floor. This view shows the mezzanine platform more clearly.
Second floor E (2)
Looking east through the Science Library toward the Chiller Plant
Second floor ducts
Much work during this part of the project involves installation of air handling ducts. To keep noise at a minimum, these ducts have been sized large, so much air can be moved at slow speeds.
Second floor S (1)
Looking southward at windows overlooking the courtyard (left). A large shaft for mechanical systems is directly ahead, and the corridor along the western side of the courtyard is visible at the far center-right.
Second floor S (2)
A closer view of the windows overlooking the courtyard; scaffolding for laying brick in the courtyard is seen through the widows.
Second floor S (3)
The windows of Science 2424 and 2428 have been covered on the inside, so work can proceed from the new construction area on the north. This picture looks west along the existing science building toward the new courtyard.
Second floor S (4)
A new corridor opening has been cut into Science 2424 to allow an easy flow of traffic between the new construction and existing building.

First Floor

As with the second floor, these pictures progress counterclockwise, starting from the middle of the first floor and looking west.

First floor NW
Air conduit is installed in a (biology) room in the northwestern part of the new construction. Studding already identifies many individual rooms in this area.
First floor NE
Initial piping is being installed in the northeastern part of the first floor, although installation of studding has just begun.
First floor SW
The main corridor along the western side of the courtyard, looking south toward existing science building. Note the insulated air duct in the ceiling on the left, and the rack of pipes in the ceiling on the right. Along the main mechanical shaft at the extreme right of the picture, one can see into both the second floor and the basement.
First floor pipes
A close up of the two-layers of piping found in corridor ceilings throughout this floor.
First floor courtyard
Pipe installation has started in the labs to the north of the courtyard. This picture looks westward.
First floor E
Looking eastward along the long, east-west corridor, paralleling Eighth Avenue. Ducts from the basement mechanical rooms are in place to distribute air through much of this floor.
First floor psychology
After being covered by plywood on the inside, the windows have been removed outside the first floor (north) of Psychology. These windows will be filled with brick to give a solid brick wall in this area.
First floor stairs
The new, northeastern stairway is being installed on the first floor.


basement corridor (1)
The main east-west corridor, looking westward. The mechanical rooms are on the north (right), and lab areas on the south (left).
basement corridor (2)
The eastern north-south corridor, looking southward. Lab areas are on the east (left) and on the near west (right); light on the far right (southwest) comes from the courtyard area.
basement mechanicals (1)
A mechanical room, with equipment in the middle of an array of pipes and conduits.
basement mechanicals (2)
Looking directly at several air handling units in the mechanical rooms.
basement lab (1)
Lab areas along the north side of the courtyard.
basement labs (2)
Another view of basement lab areas, with an east-west corridor on the left.

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