Science Phase 2: Construction Pictures

29 August 2006

These pictures show interior construction within the new part of the Science Building.

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Roof (Fourth Floor) Greenhouse Third Floor Courtyard Second Floor First Floor Basement

Roof (Fourth Floor)

Roofing of the new building requires preparation of the edge area and delivery of roofing materials.

Roof (1)
A wide edge strip surrounds the roof area. This picture looks north over the prepared roof, looking toward the Campus Center to the north.
Roof (2)
The roof serves as a storage are for the insulation that will be installed beginning next week. This picture looks east, with corner of the greenhouse just visible on the upper right.


Current work on the greenhouse focuses on installation of the metal framing.

Greenhouse (1)
Looking southeast-ward from the roof of the third floor toward the greenhouse area, with the courtyard visible on the right.
Greenhouse (2)
Looking from the eastern end of the third-floor roof toward the greenhouse, with the existing Science building in the distance.
Greenhouse (3)
The eastern half of the greenhouse framing.
Greenhouse (4)
A closer view of the work assembling the metal framing of the greenhouse.

Third Floor

Third Floor (1)
The offices and labs on the eastern part of the third floor look out over a roof over part of the second floor. This picture looks east toward the stairway area ahead. Lazier Dorm is visible across Eighth Avenue in the upper left of the picture.
Third Floor (2)
Since most of the work is proceeding upward from the basement, little work has been completed on the third floor, ...
Third Floor (3)
although drain pipes from the fourth-floor work are installed. Also, the third floor serves as a storage area for insulation that will go on the second-floor roof.
Third Floor (4)
Air ducts are being installed in the southwestern mechanical shafts that extend to the third floor. This picture also shows exhaust units that will connect to this ductwork.


Work in the courtyard focuses on laying the brick wall on the northern side.

Courtyard (1)
When working in the courtyard area, workers wear a tether that extends and contracts — except when a worker falls. This provides protection while allowing reasonable freedom of movement.
Courtyard (2)
Steam enters the new construction in the basement, through pipes from the steam lines under Eighth Avenue. New steam pipes then run from the basement of the new construction, through the courtyard (shown here), into the existing building.

Second Floor

One of the design elements of the new Science building involves extending the corridor from the current south entrance through the next building toward a main entrance of the new Rosenfield Center. This will give a consistent walkway from Burling Library, through the Science building to the Rosenfield Center. A corridor on the second floor is located directly above the first-floor corridor.

These pictures are all taken on the second floor, just above the Eighth Avenue entrance of the new Science building along this long corridor.

Second Floor (1)
Pipes are being installed on the western side of the new building.
Second Floor (2)
This picture looks over a mechanical shaft toward the corridor to the south entrance of Science. A main air duct to upper floors is visible to the left.
Second Floor (3)
Looking down the corridor toward Burling, with the same main air duct to the left. A drain pipe for the second-floor roof runs along the air duct.
Second Floor (4)
Looking southwest-ward to the left of the save air duct, with windows toward the courtyard just barely visible in the distance. The wet floor is a side effect of the unfinished roof (that is scheduled for work next week).
Second Floor (5)
Another view through the second floor toward the south-east.
Second Floor (6)
Looking eastward, with windows overlooking Eighth Avenue visible on the left.

First Floor

As with the second floor, most of these pictures are taken near the Eighth-Avenue entrance along the Burling-Campus Center corridor. The pictures generally progress counterclockwise, starting by looking west.

First Floor (1)
Looking westward along the main east-west corridor.
First Floor (2)
Looking eastward along the same corridor.
First Floor (3)
This close view of the ceiling area shows the maze of pipes that are being threaded through the ceiling area in the first floor.
First Floor (4)
Looking from one room through the studs to several additional rooms. Stacks of studs are visible in the next room.
First Floor (50
Moving to the eastern side of the new construction, this picture looks southward toward the existing CS/Math/Statistics/Psychology building.
First Floor (6)
From the eastern part of the building near the existing CS/Math/Statistics/Psychology building, this picture looks westward toward the courtyard. The northern windows of the courtyard are seen in the middle of the picture.
First Floor (7)
Looking northward, an electrical panel within a wall serves as a connecting point for numerous conduits (see the parallel electrical conduit coming up from the floor at the bottom of the panel).
First Floor (8)
Looking northwest-ward, the drawing tables hold blueprints for this part of the building.


Recent work within the basement has focused on the mechanical systems. Classroom and lab areas largely serve as as storage.
Basement (1)
A close-up of multi-level pipe runs within the basement ceiling.
Basement (2)
Small pipes crossing large pipes.
Basement (3)
Pipes turning a corner from one corridor to another.
Basement (4)
Pipes going everywhere.
Pipes extending over air-handling ducts.
Basement (6)
Even with the installed systems, the basement serves as storage for an impressive collection of copper pipes.
Basement (7)
An electrical controller within an electrical/mechanical room.
Basement (8)
A portable scaffold extends up several levels of a main mechanical shaft.
Basement (9)
The lab areas near the courtyard serve as storage for air-handling ducts.
Basement (10)
The corridor along the mechanical/electrical rooms (right) serve as storage for pipes. Light is coming in through courtyard windows (left).

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