Science Phase 2: Construction Pictures

17 October 2006

These pictures show selected construction areas within the new part of the Science Building.

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Third Floor Courtyard Second Floor Science Library First Floor SE Corner — Utility Connections Basement

Third Floor

An owl has taken up residence in the eastern part of the third floor.


A steam vault and cistern provide infrastructure within the new Science courtyard.

courtyard (1)
Looking northwest-ward into the courtyard, the ground slopes downward, allowing light to enter the basement windows on the north side.
courtyard (2)
The slope of the courtyard is particularly apparent when looking eastward. Landscaping proceeds from the bottom (northern side) toward the top (southern side), and the Bobcat grader (right) has now worked its way toward the lop level.
courtyard (3)
This view looks westward along the existing building, where the Bobcat is working to fill the top levels of the courtyard.

Second Floor

second floor corridor
Looking westward along the corridor between the new building and the 1986 wing, supports for the clerestory roof are visible on the upper right. The far side of the courtyard is visible in the distance.
southeastern section (1)
This picture looks northward along the north-south corridor on the eastern side of the floor. Stairs to the head house and greenhouse are visible on the right.
rest rooms
Viewers of these pictures will be relieved to know that many toilet connections have already been hooked up — this on the eastern side of the building, near the chiller building.
southeastern section (2)
Acid waste lines (light blue pipes) are installed within a lab area.
air shaft (1)
This air shaft is in the eastern part of the building. The picture looks westward toward the library area. The left side of the picture shows studding for an office wall, with courtyard windows beyond. The far right of the picture shows the open glass area that overlooks Eighth Avenue.
air shaft (2)
Looking down through the air shaft from the library area into the first floor.

Science Library

library (1)
Work in the Science Library includes installation of air ducts and studs. The full-length windowed area of the library is visible at the far end of the picture.
library (2)
Group study rooms are seen at the right side of this picture.
library (3>
Tracks for compact shelving are in place through much of the Science Library.

First Floor

south (1)
Along the main north-south corridor between Burling Library and the Campus Center, ventilation ducts are largely in place and much piping is being installed. The far left of the picture shows the large window area that will overlook the courtyard.
south (2)
In the offices overlooking the courtyard, studding and some electrical conduit are in place.
southeastern area (1)
This pictures looks eastward from the courtyard toward the east window, south of the chiller plant. Studding is mostly installed, but the room areas largely serve as storage for gas pipe, studding, and other materials.
northern area (1)
Brick is being laid under the library area In the northern part of the building (look outside the window on the left). The right part of the picture looks down the main east-west corridor.
northern area (2)
Installation of new windows along Eighth Avenue.
northern area (3)
Wall board is in place along the north wall. This window overlooks the multi-purpose room of the Campus Center.

Southeastern Corner — Utility Connections

Just outside the southeastern corner of the building, between the chiller building and the existing psychology department, numerous utilities feed the building.
southeastern area (1)
Looking downward, with the corner of the the existing psychology department on the right..
southeastern area (2)
In this picture, the chiller building is visible on the left.


Work in the basement parallels work in other parts of the building.

basement (1)
Rough-in of lab areas is largely complete, and pipes are being installed. Blue pipes are used for acid waste lines in labs throughout the building.
basement (2)
Pipe and air-duct installation is well along throughout the basement areas.

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