Science Phase 2: Construction Pictures

26 October 2006

These pictures show selected areas of the new part of the Science Building.

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Greenhouse and Third Floor Main Air Shafts Existing Roof Science Library

Greenhouse and Third Floor

Most glass and framing has been installed for the greenhouse. This picture looks northwestward, over the greenhouse, toward the third-floor labs and offices that run parallel to Eighth Avenue.
Third Floor (1)
Studs outline the main third-floor corridor that parallels Eighth Avenue. Sun lights the labs on the left (south), and the windows on the north (right) overlook the Campus Center.
Third Floor (2)
Looking eastward, the near area will become offices and faculty reserach labs with windows looking north toward the Campus Center. The area in the distance will be the Computer Science Commons, whose windows will open on library carels.
Third Floor (3)
Other areas of the third floor provide storage for the studs and other supplies.

Main Air Shafts

A steam vault and cistern provide infrastructure within the new Science courtyard.

Air Shaft (1)
Several air shafts contain extensive duct work to connect air handlers in the basement with the upper floors. To minimize noise, air ducts are large, so that air can move at low speed.
Air Shaft (2)
Each air shaft contains a remarkable number of ducts and air handlers.

Existing Roof

Roof (1)
The area above chemistry in the 1964 wing is being rebuilt with massive exhaust and air-handling systems. The circular duct will exhaust air for the heat and ventillation system.
Roof (2)
Duct storage surrounds an operating exhaust fan.
Clerestory (1)
A clerestory area will serve as a roof above the corridor just north of the current Math/CS classrooms. The area on the left is the roof of the Math/CS classrooms; the area on the right shows air exhaust systems from the new greenhouse.
Clerestory (2)
A closer view of the clerestory area.

Science Library

The north wall of the library will be glass, providing an light and open atmosphere, and tubular glass will frame the glass.

Library (1)
Looking westward along Eighth Avenue, one of of the tubular glass frames is off-loaded from a truck (right). The installed frame may be seen on the right, next to the circular columns.
Library (2)
The tubular frame section is set in place and secured by a welding team. The campus center is visible across Eighth Avenue.
Library (3)
Tubular framing will be installed on the south side of the library roof, but please be patient.
Library (4)
Looking through the tubular framing toward the southeastern section of the Campus Center.
Library (5)
The central section of the Campus Center.
Library (6)
A closer view of a central entrance of the Campus Center.

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