Science Phase 2: Construction Pictures

5 December 2006

These pictures show selected areas of the new part of the Science Building. As work progresses, rooms are outlined with studs and then wallboard is added. Although this represents considerable progress, views for the camera become limited.

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Courtyard Third Floor Second Floor Science Library Casework on
First / Second
Floors West
First Floor Basement Labs Basement Services


Courtyard (1)
Stone walls are in place with gravel behind for drainage. Black dirt is added over the top for plantings in the spring.
Courtyard (2)
A closer view of a stone wall, with gravel behind. Black dirt will come level to the top of the drain.
Courtyard (3)
This picture views the courtyard from the labs in the basement, looking upward toward the Science Division Office.

Third Floor

Studs and some wallboard outline corridor walls. For the most part, walls for offices, labs, and classrooms will come later.

Third Floor (1)
The main east-west corridor, looking eastward.
Third Floor (2)
Classroom/labs will lie along the southern side of the corridor, with windows overlooking the courtyard.
Third Floor (3)
Eventually, walls will divide this area into two offices, two faculty labs, the computer science learning center, a study area, and the computer science commons.
Third Floor (4)
Concrete walls extend along the north-south corridor toward the head house near the greenhouse.

Second Floor

Second Floor (1)
Electrical conduits (left) extend along a corridor for several feet.
Second Floor (2)
This is one of several electrical panel areas that supply service throughout the building.
Second Floor (3)
This will become a computer-equipped classroom for mathematics and statistics. The square covers on the floor protect junction boxes for power and data.
Second Floor (4)
Ceilings provide paths for air ducts (left) and pipe supports (right).

Science Library

Library (1)
Looking westward across the Science Library. Carrels are on the right, and the circulation desk will be at the far end of the area.
Library (2)
A clearer view of the library carrels on the northern side of the Science Library.
Library (3)
Office and reserve areas on the southern side of the Science Library, near the western entrance.
Library (4)
This picture looks eastward along the very northern part of the Science Library that includes study and mezzanine areas. Until glass provides weather protection, two layers of plastic provides weather protection, one (on the left) provides an outside barrier, and a second (on the right) provides additional temperature insulation.

Science casework

Casework is being installed in the western third of the first and second floors, in preparation for occupancy during spring break, 2007.
Casework (1)
Before casework installation, walls are prepared and service lines prepared. The dark blue/purple pipes are for circulating deionized water.
Casework (2)
A closer view of the utility hookups.
Casework (3)
Cabinetry along the walls involves both wall cabinets (above) and floor units; counter tops are installed relatively late in the process to prevent scratching.
Casework (4)
Installation has progressed somewhat further here along the walls.
Casework (5)
These cabinets project into the room, with room for stools along side.
Casework (6)
A closer view of the casework.
Casework (7)
Another type of casework, with drawers and desks for each student station.
Casework (8)
Two casework pieces come together with space between them for utility hook ups.

First Floor

Biology Commons
Looking down the first-floor corridor that parallels Eighth Avenue, the low walls of the Biology Commons appear near the top right.

Basement Labs

The southern half of the basement area contains lab areas. Currently studs divide the area into rooms, and mechanical/electrical systems are being installed.

Basement (1)
Looking north along the corridor from the existing building. The window on the left overlooks the courtyard.
Basement (2)
Looking along the northern side of the courtyard toward the west. These areas largely will become labs.

Basement Services

The northern half of the new basement contains utility equipment: air handling units/mixers, steam and water valves, ionized water units, electrical switches, etc.

Services (1)
This return shaft brings air from the roof to four air handlers in the basement.
Services (2)
The main return air shaft runs along the full northern wall in the basement. Approximate dimensions of this passage are 12 feet high by 7 feet wall. This feeds three general-purpose air handlers plus an independent air handler for the animal rooms.
Services (3)
One of the three general-purpose air handlers; each has chambers for filters, heating, cooling, and mixing. Each chamber is 8-9 feet tall, with an access door (center) for maintenance.
Services (4)
This smaller air handler provides an independent system for the animal rooms.
Services (5)
The main pipes for steam and chilled water.
Services (6)
Control values for natural gas
Services (7)
The main electrical switch gear for the new building.

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