Science Phase 2: Construction Pictures

13 December 2006

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Basement Labs Basement Services

Greenhouse and Courtyard

Glass is mostly installed in the greenhouse on the third floor (top). Scaffolding is in place in the courtyard (right) for installation of glass windows along the eastern windows.
Courtyard (1)
Looking eastward through the courtyard, one worker (on the scaffolding) prepares window brackets to hold windows, while another (lower left) helps to finish the grading of black dirt — in anticipation of planting in the spring.
Courtyard (2)
A sidewalk and table area extends along the southern side of the courtyard (top). The courtyard slopes down to bring light into basement labs in the new area.
Courtyard (3)
Workers use motorized wheelbarrows to bring the last loads of black dirt into the courtyard.

Third Floor

Work on the new Science Building is progressing upward from the first floor, so work on the third floor is still in relatively early stages.

Third Floor (1) Third Floor (2)
Studs have been installed along the east-west corridor (left), but dividers have not yet been added between labs and offices (right).
Air Return
A return air handler on the third floor collects recycled air and outside air that has been heated/cooled by air exchangers. This mixture flows through this massive return duct to the basement units that heat/cool/dehumidify it before sending out again to classrooms, labs, and offices.

Second Floor

Since the western part of the first and second floors will be ready for occupancy at Spring Break, much work has focused on those areas (see pictures of casework below). These pictures show preparatory work in the eastern and southeastern parts of the new second floor.

Second Floor (1)
Many corridor walls — some containing windows to labs — are largely completed through much of the second floor.
Second Floor (2)
A computer-equipped classroom on the southeastern side of the second floor has both power and data connections at frequent intervals on the floor and at junction boxes on the floor.
Third Floor (3)
One of many electrical panels, connected to several large supply pipes (right) and supplying many smaller conduits.
Third Floor (4)
This picture along a corridor shows six electrical conduits (upper left) and a "wall" of 35 electrical conduits for data connections.
Third Floor (5)
An air shaft between floors contains insulated heating ducts (right), air supply ducts and controllers (center), acid waste lines (blue, left).

Science Library

Library (1)
The open, central area of the Science Library contains needed heating/cooling ducts, pipes for the fire sprinkler system, and supporting systems for other floors. This area also serves as a storage and preparation area for work throughout the building.
Library (2)
The southwestern part of the library contains an area for reserve books (left) and the Science Librarian's Office (right).


Casework is being installed in the western third of the first and second floors, in preparation for occupancy during spring break, 2007.

Casework (1)
Casework (2)
Casework (3)
Casework (4)
Casework (5)
Casework (6)

Basement Labs

Basement (1)
Labs in the basement are following the same time schedule as the third floor. This picture looks westward through several lab areas. The northern part of the courtyard appears on the left.
Basement (2)
Looking south at the labs on the northern side of the courtyard.
Basement (3)
This picture looks upward, out of the basement windows, toward the corridors at the western side of the courtyard.
Basement (4)
This picture looks southward along the corridor on the eastern side of the courtyard.

Basement services

The northern half of the new basement contains utility equipment: air handling units/mixers, steam and water valves, ionized water units, electrical switches, etc.

Services (1)
Ground water from throughout the area is channeled to this collection of sump pumps.
Services (2)
Monitors and alarm systems for the sump pumps cover this wall.
Services (3) Services (4)
The main building switch gear (right) distributes electrical power to different panels throughout the building.
Services (5)
This equipment processes the deionized water for the building.
Services (6)
The unit on the left from Ohio Medical Corporation runs the vacuum system for the building.
Service (7)
Part of one of the four air handlers for the new building.
Services (8)
The basement contains a remarkable complex of pipes, conduits, and ducts.

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