Science Phase 2: Construction Pictures

Third and Second Floors

24 January 2007

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Greenhouse Third Floor Second Floor Science Library Stairway


greenhouse (1)
The external skin of the greenhouse is largely completed, with glass, framing, and ventilation installed. Current work focuses on installing partitions among rooms and installing support services (water, lights, power).
greenhouse (2)
Along the corridor, louvred partitions allow humidified, room-temperature to be drawn over plants.

Third Floor

Work on the new Science Building is progressing upward from the first floor, so work on the third floor is still in relatively early stages.

cs hall
Studs outline the main east-west corridor
cs classroom
A future classroom will be shared by mathematics, statistics, computer science, and others.

Second Floor

The first six pictures are taken in the western part of the second floor, an area that will be turned over to the college at the start of spring break.

chem (1)
Ventilation hoods surround the outside of Advanced Synthesis Laboratory on the western side of the second floor.
chem (2)
The middle of the Advanced Synthesis Laboratory contains counters with chemical racks and various utilities (power, gas, water, etc.).
chem (3)
A second picture of the counter tops in the Advanced Synthesis Laboratory.
chem (4)
Looking westward from the Advanced Synthesis Laboratory to the Biochemistry Laboratory.
The college expects to move into these areas during spring break.
science learning cener
The Science Learning Center looks out over Eighth Avenue and the Rosenfield Center.
office (1)
This office also looks out toward the Rosenfield Center
office (2)
The Staff Lounge and other offices will overlook the new courtyard.
office (3)
Another office along the courtyard.
classroom (1)
Many teaching labs have windows into the corridor. This picture looks through a lab toward a window that will be in the next room.
 classroom (2)
A future classroom area.
eastern corrdor
This picture looks southward from the elevator toward the 1986 wing of the building. Classrooms will be located at the end of this corridor on the right, with student study areas on the far left.
southern corridor
The corridor next to the existing Math/Statistics/Psychology/Computer Science wing maintains the brick work (left) and includes clerestory window above.

Science Library

The north part of the library contains study areas in several levels. Stairs will extend from the floor to the mezzanine, now apparently suspended above this area. The glass area on the left overlooks Eighth Avenue and the Rosenfield Center.

The main area for books and periodicals now serves as storage for construction supplies.


The main stairway leads from the second floor to the first (and the next set of pictures).

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