Science Phase 2: Construction Pictures

30 January 2007

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Second Floor Stairways First Floor

Second Floor

Blue fume hoods occupy much of the perimeter of the Advanced Synthesis Laboratory in chemistry, and laboratory counters occupy the lab's central area.

chem lab (1)
During construction, work progresses simultaneously on many of these areas.
chem lab (2)
A closer view of the fume hood areas.
chem lab (3
Installation of the central lab counters and cabinets.

This side of the lab is well along toward completion.


Stairway from the second to third floors at the western edge of the new building.

Main stairway from the second to first floors in the middle of the new building.

First Floor

Major parts of the first-floor biology areas include the Biology Commons, teaching labs, and faculty-research labs.

Biology Commons
biology commons (1)
Wood on the western and eastern walls of the Biology Commons comes from the woodwork of the old (1951 wing) science building.
biology commons (2)
The Biology Commons is open to the east-west corridor.
The extended east-west corridor, with the opening to the Biology Commons just barely visible about half-way down the corridor on the left.

Biology Teaching Labs
biology teaching lab (1)
A teaching lab with shelves along the counter on the sides of the room and separated counters in the middle. Supply pipes for various types of water (regular, deionized, etc) run down the walls to the counters at the far end of the lab.
biology teaching lab (2)
Wall cabinets are mounted on the walls above these counter units.
biology teaching lab (3)
Another configuration of wall cabinets and counter units.
biology teaching lab (4)
Counters in the middle of some rooms have shelves for supplies.

Faculty Research Labs
Eckhart's Lab
Looking eastward from Vince Eckhart's research lab to Kathy Jacobson's lab.
Jacobson's Lab
Looking westward from Kathy Jacobson's lab back toward Eckhart's lab,

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