Science Phase 2: Construction Pictures

30 January 2007

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Exterior Basement Labs Mechanicals

Northern Exterior

exterior (1)
Glass continues to be installed in the central library area. The plywood areas cover metal brackets that stabilize the tower that holds the installation platform.
exterior (2)
Looking from the library area toward the western part of the building.
exterior (3)
On the western exterior, brick provides the surface for the first two floors, and darker paneling covers the top (third) floor.
exterior (4)
The western part of the building contains glass-covered study/observation areas on each floor.

Basement Labs

basement stairs
The stairway on the left goes upward to the first floor; the corridor on the right goes back (northward) toward the mechanical rooms.
basement labs (1)
Basement windows in labs look southward into the courtyard.
A teaching laboratory in the middle area separates faculty research labs, located at this end and the far end
basement labs (2)
This picture looks inward (northward) from the courtyard windows through the teaching lab.
Blue pipes serve as acid waste lines from the biology labs on the first floor.
basement labs (3)
A second view looking northward from the courtyard windows.

Mechanical Systems

The northern half of the new basement contains utility equipment: air handling units/mixers, steam and water valves, ionized water units, electrical switches, etc.

mechanicals (1)
Three large air-handling units serve much of the building, while a smaller fourth air-handling serves the animal rooms.
mechanicals (2)
Pipes throughout the mechanical rooms carry steam, hot water, cold water, tempered water, de-ionized water, acid waste, sewer, and fire-system water throughout the building. This yields a complex arrangement throughout the building.
mechanicals (3)
Various sump pumps, sewer pumps, etc. (left) are located together in the southern-middle of the main mechanical room.
mechanicals (4)
The water purification system contains a water softener stage, a filter stage, a de-ionization stage, and ultra-violet radiation stage.

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