Deliveries to the Science Building, Grinnell College

During Phase 2 Construction

Provisions have been made with Weitz Construction for deliveries to be made through the construction staging site. However, safety requires that delivery personnel follow careful procedures:

  1. At first, a delivery vehicle may be parked temporarily on Eighth Avenue, near the construction gate.
  2. Delivery personnel should enter the site and immediately report to the Weitz Construction trailer.
  3. Upon authorization from Weitz, the vehicle may be driven through the construction staging area, to reach a gate near the Science building door.
  4. Weitz Construction will unlock and open the gate for the construction.
  5. Delivery personnel should check in at the Weitz Construction trailer upon leaving.

From time to time, safety may dictate that deliveries may need to go around the staging area completely. However, Weitz Construction will hope to accommodate requests from delivery personnel whenever safety allows.