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Materials to Support a C-based Course with Scribbler 2 Robots
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Quick Summary; This page organizes links and materials for MyroC — a project supporting a C-based course that introduces computer science using Scribbler 2 robots.

MyroC: A Project to Support a C-based Course with Scribbler 2 Robots

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The MyroC project provides infrastructure and materials to allow the use of Scribbler 2 robots in introductory computer science courses that emphasize imperative problem solving with C programming. MyroC provides a complete course package that includes:

This material encourages a lab-based pedagogy, which highlights pair programming during most class sessions. Outside class activities may involve individual work, such as problem solving with programming assignments.

This MyroC infrastructure builds upon three primary outside packages — all widely used and available without charge.


MyroC Software License

All MyroC software is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International License.

According to this license for MyroC software, you are free to share (copy and redistribute) and adapt (modify or expand) the MyroC infrastructure, provided

Additional License details may be found at .

Current stable eEspeak release: eSpeakPackage.3.0

Current stable MyroC release: MyroC.3.3b

Installation of eSpeak/MyroC

The MyroC/eSpeak infrastructure requires installation of the following packages.

In addition to the C-based infrastructure itself, the eSpeak and MyroC packages includes selected test programs that may help verify that installation has been successful.

Beginning with Version 3.0, the eSpeak and MyroC packages can be installed on both Linux and Mac OS X platforms. The following links provide detailed installation instructions for all of these packages.

Bluetooth Setup for Linux and Macintosh Workstations/Laptops

Using MyroC to control one or more Scribbler 2 robots naturally begins with a decision regarding which robot(s) will be involved. Once a user identifies conceptually the desired robot(s), low-level information must be supplied to the user's workstation or laptop. In practice, the mechanisms for specifying this information vary substantially among Linux, Macintosh, and Windows platforms.

Firmware Upload

Firmware installation requires several steps:

  1. [if an upgrade of earlier releases is desired: check firmware versions]
  2. download Fluke 2 firmware version 3.0.9 and Scribbler 2 firmware version 1.1.6 from
  3. load firmware to the Fluke 2
  4. load firmware to the Scribbler 2
  5. [if desired, check firmware versions, repeating Step 1]

Within the "firmware-update" subdirectory of the "MyroC.3.3b" directory,
program initialize-firmware.c performs

Warning: Program initialize-firmware.c is designed to install firmware in the context of Fluke 2 and Scribbler 2 hardware. This program will not run appropriately on older hardware versions (e.g., Fluke [1] or Scribbler [1] hardware).

Details for both Linux and Mac OS X may be found at the Firmware Installation Guide

Course Materials

MyroC Development Materials

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reorganized and expanded 16-20 October 2015
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updated for MyroC.3.3b: 30 June 2022
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