Iowa Undergraduate Computer Science Consortium

The Iowa Undergraduate Computer Science Consortium is an informal group of faculty members from Iowa colleges and universities. The purpose of the group is to promote communication among CS faculty and facilitate discussion of common problems and issues.

Meetings List Serve PFF Project


The Consortium has met approximately once a year since its beginning in 1994:

To allow convenient travel, sessions are held on Saturdays, typically starting between 9:00 and 9:30 and finishing about 3:30. Each meeting has included a series of talks and discussions on a range of topics.


A listserv has been set up for more extensive discussion among members of the Consortium.

Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) Project

At its March 6, 1999 meeting, several members of the Consortium decided to develop a proposal for the Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) Program, administered by SIGCSE. The resulting proposal was approved by the NSF/SIGCSE Leadership Team on March 26, 1999. That project has now finished, although discussions related to future projects continue.

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